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SNAXPO21 Follow Up

Written by Michael Ward

The promise was sustainable supply chains, quality ingredients, mouthwatering flavors, and efficiency-boosting equipment. SNAXPO21 did not disappoint. For Colorado Mills, it was our inaugural opportunity to experience this event as an exhibitor and we arrived with optimism. Even in the face of a global pandemic and diminished attendee capacity, the visit was worth the investment.

Sixty days later have given us the time and space to reflect on what we experienced, the people we met, and a much better snapshot of the industry through the lens of an established ingredient supplier. Our High-Oleic Sunflower Oil was, and is, well received by the snack food industry. We were able to rekindle legacy accounts, establish new ones, and learn more about our solidified place within this vibrant market. Bold new flavors, as well as tried and tested consumer favorites, mix well with our oil because of its neutral palette. Demand to serve new accounts with factories all over North America coupled with launches of several new products were initiated here.

In these same sixty days, and partly attributable to our successful SNAXPO21 campaign, Colorado Mills has experienced unprecedented demand and sales of our High-Oleic Sunflower Oil. This has enabled all areas of the organization to fulfill this additional capacity by working together, wearing multiple hats, employing new methods, and the natural operational evolution by everyone to sustain it. Some logistical nightmares of unpredictability, stock-outs of packaging supplies, lack of available freight at times have been answered by increased communications, creative problem-solving, and just plain rolling-up-our-sleeves getting it done mentality.

As we look forward to our next planned engagement with the snack food industry at the SNX event, we welcome the same promise which was presented to us at SNAXPO21. We’ll continue marching to the beat of our well-oiled drum and our own promise and commitment of providing the highest quality High-Oleic Sunflower Oil to all our new friends from the snack food industry. By the way, the best new flavor offered, hands down, was the caramel macchiato popcorn!

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