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SNAXPO21 Here We Come!

Written by Michael Ward

Colorado Mills announces its first exhibition at SNAXPO21 in Charlotte, North Carolina later this summer – highlighted by our signature high-oleic sunflower oil. SNAXPO21 showcases all that matters to the worldwide snack food industry annually featuring sustainable supply chains, quality ingredients, mouth-watering flavors, and efficiency-boosting equipment. Last year saw the cancellation of SNAXPO20 due to the COVID19 pandemic, so the anticipation for this year’s show is even stronger. Show dates are August 22-24, 2021.

SNAXPO21, is the premier event promoted by SNAC International—a membership based international trade association serving the snack food industry. SNAC International serves over 400 member organizations through its three pillars of advocacy, networking, and education. Held annually, SNAXPO promotes all three pillars through both in person and virtual attendance opportunities to engage its membership as well as the general public.

Colorado Mills naturally extracts sunflower oil through a cold expeller press and then refines the oil without the use of any solvents. Further, we don’t winterize our product either which leaves the small amounts of natural waxes as part of the finished product. We have been doing it the same way since day one, back in 2009. Today, Colorado Mills serves a variety of industries including the snack food industry. Many popular, global snack-food brands rely on the highest quality, consistent delivery and exceptional service that Colorado Mills provides. Our exhibition at SNAXPO21 allows introduction of our brand so that we may continue to diversify across the global snack food market.


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