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CM Introduces New Performance Equine Feed

Updated: Mar 30, 2022

Written by Kent Wollert

Colorado Mills (CM) has its own branded Equine feed!! After approximately two years of discussion and research, CM has formulated an equine-specific feed that is derived primarily from our high protein, high fat sun meal. We are very excited to roll this new product out and present it to the public. We produced our first batch of Black Gold Performance Equine in January 2022 and presented it to a select number of horse owners to “test” the feed and receive feedback. The feedback we have received has been nothing but outstanding!

We at CM partnered with AllTech, a leading expert in feed micro ingredient innovation, to develop a comprehensive vitamin and nutrient package for the Black Gold Performance Equine. This partnership has ensured our new equine feed is fully fortified to fit all ages of the equine animal. Performance Equine feed is primarily comprised of our High Oleic Sun Meal. In fact, it is 83% sun meal! It also has alfalfa meal and beet pulp as its other main ingredients, which makes this feed an all-fiber-based feed. Within the micro ingredient pack developed by AllTech is Bio-Mos, a prebiotic, and Yea-Sacc, a probiotic. Both of these products are superb for feeding and maintaining the microbials in the gut to maintain gut health.

This formulation was not by accident. The objective of CM when developing an equine feed, was to ensure the horse would get all of its nutrients and receive an abundance of energy all while still maintaining a level disposition and demeanor. We have achieved these directives with Black Gold Performance Equine! You will notice your horse to have more sustainable energy and endurance without the “on the muscle” attitude that comes from feeding other high-energy feed. This is accomplished through the all fiber-based feed with a high level of natural monounsaturated fat in the sun meal which translates into energy. With the high level of natural fat derived from the sun meal, we have avoided adding any starches or sugars to the feed, thus reducing the likelihood of colic.

We at CM are very excited to introduce our new Black Gold Performance Equine feed to the already popular list of feeds developed at Colorado Mills. You can come by our Lamar, Colorado location to pick up some feed at any time. We are very confident that you will be completely satisfied with the results. We also have had a number of our dealers sign up for the new equine feed making the feed available in other areas outside of Lamar. Please reach out to us with any questions or comments regarding our new Black Gold Performance Equine. You can call me, Kent Wollert, at 719-336-8452 or email me at for any questions you may have.

We look forward to hearing your feedback in regards to this new equine product! Colorado Mills always strives to develop and present the absolute best product designed for whatever type of livestock you might be feeding. Black Gold Performance Equine fits right in with the level of quality you have come to expect from all Colorado Mills produced feed products.

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