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Eastern Colorado Rain!

Written by Rick Robbins

Eastern Colorado has been blessed with several moisture systems that have delivered mostly slow soaking rains. Pastures are lush green with grasses and our fair share of weeds and sagebrush. Cow-calf numbers that were ready to head to the sale, before the moisture started, have stabilized and in some cases are increasing.

With this lush rapid growth, it would be wise to be feeding mineral that is high in magnesium. This can help prevent grass tetany. Grass tetany can cause several issues and can also effect rebreeding.

As we move into summer grazing be aware that after the grass produces a seed head the grass will start decreasing in protein and energy late July through August. This can be deceiving as the grass appears in great condition, which it is, but completing its main goal in seed production. It is similar to grain grasses like wheat, proteins and energy supplies return to the soil after grain is produced. As protein decreases calves start putting more pressure on the cows for more milk. This makes it harder for the cow to graze with the calf continually butting her udder for more. We recommend an all fiber base creep feed to supplement the calves starting mid July. By supplying additional protein and energy in a fiber form we keep the rumen in a neutral ph where the fiber digesting microbes thrive and perform their best. Adding grains in pasture situations can lower the ph. Fiber digesting microbes can begin to die off in the more acidic (lower ph) environments causing poor creep feed performance. Fiber based creep feeds will give you the best return for your investment.

With moisture comes insect pressure. Flies and Mosquitoes will be giving our livestock fits this season. We have an all natural option for insect control called Fly Deterrent Oil. Ingredients include our High Oleic Sunflower oil and Cedarwood essential oils. Our testing last year showed very good results in keeping the flies at bay so cattle could continue grazing without bunching up during the day. It can be used in a cattle oiler or by using a rope wick that can be hung between two posts so cattle can rub on it.

We are all praying that Western Colorado starts getting some relief from the drought as of this writing they have missed most if not all of the rain that has fallen here.

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