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Chef's Corner - Certified Master Chef Gerald Ford

"High-Performance Chefs aren’t Born, They Are Trained…"

I am a guide who Coaches, Teaches, and Trains Chefs with the knowledge, strategies, and formulas to become High-Performance Chefs, especially if they are not sure where to start.

My name is Gerald Louis Ford, Certified Master Chef, Former captain of the USA National Culinary Olympic Team 2020 and the founder of Legit Concepts. We exist to improve the quality of life and purpose for Chefs and Culinary Professionals who don’t want to waste the resources to “figure it out.”

When it comes to improving quality of life, diet and health play a major role and I do everything I can to consume and cook with natural, nutrient-rich ingredients. I love using the neutrally flavored, high-quality Sunflower Seed Oil from Colorado Mills as a base every time I need a pure, high-quality oil that allows the natural flavors of my food to sing. I now use it in all my emulsions, vinaigrettes, and baked goods. I feel a confidence using a healthy, quality fat over a highly processed commodity and my clients and guests, know and appreciate the difference. The quality shines through to the end.

**Homemade Tarragon Mayonnaise Recipe by CMC Ford**

040121, Tarragon Mayonnaise (1)
Download PDF • 161KB

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