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A Generational Approach to Agriculture

Updated: Mar 19, 2021

Written by Jonna Castanos

Stan and Lora Cline have called Southeast Colorado their home for 40 plus years. Living on a farm/ranch that was homesteaded in the late 1800s, they raise Registered Horned Herefords and sell bulls for commercial breeders. Stan and Lora are the 3rd generation to breed these registered Herefords and the 4th generation to farm the land.

The Heifers and Bulls that are already selected to be sold lounge around in pens in front of a beautiful white barn, built in 1910. The rest of the herd openly graze out in their pasture. Right now, the Cline’s are about 2/3 done with calving; they expect to see 50 more calves. Stan and Lora were gracious enough to offer me a tour so we hopped in their farm vehicle and set out into the pasture. While on a mission to find Stan’s favorite cow, we were lucky enough to see a calf -only a few hours old- get up and happily play around. And though they have seen this hundreds of times, the Clines were just as excited as I was! Right now, Stan has 125 head of Registered Herefords and really enjoys raising and selling the bulls. He likes the challenge of trying to produce and raise something that both he and the consumer will like.

Stan and Lora Cline

A Cow with her calf

Stan explaining more about the Herefords

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